Sunday, August 14, 2011

Finished Objects: State Fair Edition

Today, I submitted 12 items for the Kentucky State Fair, some of which you've seen, others I completed well before I started the blog. I have hopes that a few things will do well. Others, not so much. Some of the earlier items are pretty simple knitting, but I think they're executed well and I definitely used high quality materials. The Fair opens this Thursday, and all will be known then. Of course, I'm out of town until next Monday, so I won't actually know how I did until the next day, at the earliest. Anyway, if you can stand it, here they are:

Knitted Afghan

Hand Knitted Sweater (not Aran, Fair Isle, or Jacquard)

Hand Knitted Baby Blanket

Hand Knitted Vest

Hand Knitted Scarf/Hat or Mittens/Hat

Hand Knitted Baby Sweater

Hand Knitted Baby Booties

Hand Knitted Stole/Shawl/Shrug

Hand Knitted/Felted Item

Hand Knitted Socks

Hand Knitted Lace

Hand Knitted Item w/o Category


  1. to my untrained eye, this shit looks amazing! I don't know how you do it. Good work - this is an amazing talent. P.S. Duder would so rock that baby sweater. I'm just saying. . . .

  2. It might have fit her 8 months ago - it's sized 3-6 months. I'll have to make something else for her - something washable, I think. I'll keep my eyes open for some appropriate yarn.

  3. Please do! I'd pony up for alpaca/llama yarn, but I suspect it doesn't do well with stains.