Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Beginning to think about holiday knitting

October has barely begun, the trees are just starting to turn, and I'm realizing that there's something like 2-1/2 months until Christmas. And I'm panicking a little. You see, I had the ridiculous idea that it would be nice if I knit up some cute little owls as stocking stuffers for my nieces and nephews. I'm using the Big, Snowy Owl pattern from the Purl Bee, but I'm doing it in fingering-weight yarn. I don't think it will take too long to finish each owl, but however long it takes, I hope to finish 24 of them in time for Christmas.

I've also been making progress with the Scylla socks for my husband. This has been a nice, simple knit, perfect for my morning commute. I started the gussets this afternoon, so at this pace, I hope to finish these socks by the middle of next week or so. Once the yarn for my father-in-law's socks arrives, I'll get going on those.

The Columbines needlepoint is coming along nicely. I've finished all the foreground stitching and just have the miles of background stitches and the border stitching to do. There's no hurry on this project, so if I have to, I can set it aside. It's been a nice change of pace from all the knitting I've been doing, but I'm definitely a better knitter than I am a needlepointer. Maybe after Christmas I can focus on getting better at needlepoint?

Anyway, that's all I have for tonight. Until next time, Friends.


  1. Good luck on those owls! Can't wait to see pictures! Your knitting is so beautiful.

    Be aware of that needlepoint background. I have a finished foreground and unfinished background that I've been dealing with for 20 years. I also have a giant Christmas angel canvas that my grandmother started in the 1980s, my mother wrapped up some in the 1990s, then handed to me. Three generations trying to finish this dang angel. I worry that I will die before it is done. It can't go to a 4th generation--that's just ludicrousness.

    1. I have a needlepoint belt that's been waiting 4 or 5 years (?) to be finished. I made a mistake and haven't been able to work up the courage to either fix it or continue with it. Maybe that's another blog post?