Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One more for Jan

I couldn't bring myself to put the Rick socks back on the needles this week (not until two days ago, anyway), so I worked on something that I thought I could finish fairly quickly: a needlepoint pillow made from a canvas that my friend Jan had finished before she died.

When I was going through the totes that held her quilting supplies, I found a completed needlepoint canvas. It was a dragon stitched in wool, just waiting to become a pillow. I figured that since we knitters were making blanket squares for Jan's niece, maybe one of Jan's sisters would like to have the pillow Jan probably would have made with this completed canvas.

So last weekend I went out to Joann's and picked up some fabric, trim and a pillow form. Once I got home from the store, I pinned the canvas to my cork board, sprayed water all over it so it would be blocked into a nice straight rectangle. After giving it a few days to dry, I was able to start sewing! It was pretty straightforward: strips and gold braid for the front, two overlapping pieces for the back, et voila: a pillow. I'll take it our regular knit night and hope that one of the girls can get it to Jan's sister.

I hope next time I'll have a happy update on the Rick socks, and maybe some more progress on my Columbines needlepoint. Until next time, Friends.


  1. The pillow looks great, Sharri! (Love how the cat is like, "What do you mean you don't want to take a picture of me? Why else would you have the camera out?")

  2. The strangest part of it is that he can't see that I have the camera out, he just sensed that something interesting must be going on at that end of the sofa. He might have heard the camera, though. He's kind of a savant that way.