Friday, July 8, 2011

It could have been finished.

Except that I ran out of yarn before I could finish with the toes. You see, I was an art major in college. I can freely admit that math is not one of my strengths. For example, when I was trying to decide what pattern I was going to make from my two balls of Summer Sox, I looked at the yardage and figured that I had enough yarn to make the Kristi socks. The pattern calls for 465 yards of fingering-weight yarn. Each ball of the Summer Sox had 175 yards. When I did the math, it went like this: 175+175=450. But those of you who can add can see my error. 175+175 does not equal 450.

It equals 350.

So, I wasn't 15 yards short, I was 165 yards short. Quite a difference. And I feel like an idiot, because I bought this yarn last November on clearance. I didn't think I would be able to purchase it from a yarn shop, so I started stash-diving on Ravelry. Most people who had it in their stashes only had two, which they obviously planned to make socks with. One person had 10 skeins in her stash - turns out she's knitting it into a sweater RIGHT NOW. She didn't know whether she'd have any left over by the time she finished, but she was kind enough to offer to send it to me then. Sadly, I have a deadline for these socks, as they're a gift, so I thanked her and started looking online.

I didn't have to look too far - my project page had a handy little link (maybe it was an ad?) which said "buy this yarn from local stores." The recommended LYS was Blueball Mountain, located only an hour away from Louisville in Elizabethtown. The shop owner was so nice! She very kindly sold me one ball of the four she had, and said she'd get it in the mail this afternoon! I am so grateful! It looks like I'll finally be able to finish these socks sometime next week. Then I can start on my Sock Summit homework.

Since the socks are stalled, I have been able to get some length on the Monkeybread scarf. It's really coming into its own now, looking a lot like what I think it will when it's complete. I just hope I have enough yarn to get it to about 60 inches. We'll see.

Isn't that just the sexiest yarn pron ever?

Well, that's about all the ranting I have in me for this evening. Until next time!

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