Friday, July 1, 2011

A Walk Down Main Street

The underside of a ramp onto the interstate. I have no idea why these girders are so meticulously numbered. I found it curious, so I took a picture.

So, last night, I met up with a few knitting friends to watch our Louisville Bats play against the visiting Gwinnett Braves. One of the reasons I was looking forward to it was because it was $1 Beer Night. I was also looking forward to it because it was a Stitch 'n' Pitch of sorts, albeit on a very small scale.

A Corinthian capital to fluted column. Both cast iron, I'm sure.

Happy hour(s) started at 5:00, and since it was only a couple miles from my office, I decided to walk there, which would kind of count as exercise, even though I was about to drink away any possible advantage I might have gained from a 2 mile walk in 90+ degree weather. From Seventeenth Street, I walked east to the stadium at Jackson Street and took photos along the way. Today's post is mostly photo journal, with just a little commentary from me.

This plaque is in reference to the original occupant of the building behind it. There are many more on this block and the next.
Base of a cast iron pilaster. I could look at these things all day!
Obligatory photo of the giant bat outside the Hillerich & Bradsby factory & museum. If you go inside, you can take a pencil rubbing of a major leaguer's signature, so long as he owned a Louisville Slugger.
American Life building, designed by Mies van der Rohe. I am a modernist at heart, although I love old things as well. Plenty of people dislike this building, but I like it better than Michael Graves' Humana building across the street.
Our new basketball arena. Pretty matter-of-fact from this side. The view from the north is much more dramatic.
Whiskey Row, as it's now called. Only recently were most of these buildings saved from the wrecking ball, because the "developer" wanted have them for a parking lot. I've never met the guy, but I suspect I'd be rude to him if I did, so better that I haven't.
This makeover seems to be going well.
So glad these buildings are being saved!
I've liked this building for a long time. I can't wait to see what becomes of it.
I like the composition of this elevation - they definitely maximized the amount of light. The empty space to its right used to be a building, until it collapsed from neglect.
Louisville Slugger Field, adapted from what was previously a depot.
Plenty has been written elsewhere about most of these buildings. Broken Sidewalk, in particular, is a great place to start. I took a few photos at the game, but funnily, no one had their knitting out. I was too busy drinking beer and eating fried bologna and Dippin' Dots to knit.

Mary and her Mimi. Sorry I cut off your head, Cindy.
Little Miss in her Knit Nook shirt about to be delirious from the sugar. She ate the whole thing.
This must've been during the warm-ups. Our guys lost this one, but got 'em back tonight.

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