Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally. The effing mittens are done!

At long, freaking last, I've finished the Chawton Mittens. What's kind of sad is that each thumb only took an hour or so to knit. I don't know why I was dreading them. That seems to happen to me a lot. Anyway, the thumbs are done, I've washed and blocked the mittens. Too bad they're a little on the long side and my floats are a little short. On the plus side though, they did soften up beautifully after washing. And they don't look too bad from a distance.

I also added a little something to the Big Cuddly Bunny: a pompom tail! I had yarn left over and knew I probably wouldn't use it for anything else, so I whipped it up and stuck it on the back. I'm nearly breathless from the squee on this.

And as promised last time, I had myself photographed in the Raindance Sweater, and I have to admit that I'm very pleased at how it turned out. I've finally knit myself a sweater that fits correctly, and, even better, it's not the biggest size listed on the pattern. It's two sizes smaller than the biggest size. This working out thing (and watching what I eat) is pretty cool.

Now that I've gotten three projects finished, I felt like it was safe to start another, so I cast on for the Jasper Diamond Hoodie, by Kristen Rengren. I had enough yarn leftover from Raindance to make the smallest size, and one of my friends had just finished one (it's so cute!), so I thought this would be a quick, fun project. Of course, almost immediately after I cast on, I found another pattern I just have to knit, so I'm trying to get this done as quickly as possible. Since I cast on Thursday night, I've managed to complete the body of the sweater and start the sleeves. It helped that I had an hour to kill this morning while I waited for my husband to come jump start my car, then another hour while I waited at the car battery place while they installed a new one for me. The diamond pattern is easy to memorize, so it's almost like it's flying off my needles.

Well, I think that's all I've got for this time. Maybe I'll have Jasper done by the next time I post. Until next time, Friends.

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