Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fruit Stripey

Well, I've made some more progress on the Lilleput cardigan. I've just completed the first sleeve and I'm about to begin the back. It's been pretty steady knitting: a little here, a little there, but nothing I'm in a big hurry to finish. I think this will be my commuting knitting for a little while. If it turns out well, I think it will end up in the State Fair.

Kinda reminds you of Fruit Stripe Gum, yes?

One project that has been languishing has been my Hydrangea bag. I have all the stuff to finish it except the zipper foot for my sewing machine. I had been considering whether I should challenge myself to finish it as a Ravelympics project, but after seeing the cease-and-desist letter sent to Ravelry by the United States Olympic Committee, I've decided that I must enter it in the Ravelympics. It'll be either WIPS Wrestling or the Felted Freestyle. Or maybe both, if the Ravelympics mods will let me enter the same project twice. Did you notice how many times I've used the word "Ravelympics" in this paragraph? It's four times so far, but I may be able to come up with a couple more. I think that my writing about this asshattery on the part of the United States Olympic Committee towards the Ravelympics constitutes Fair Use (commentary & criticism?), but who knows, I might get my own cease-and-desist letter. I'll have to check with my buddy Paul, who has lots of experience with cease-and-desist letters. And for good measure: Ravelympics. (I've sharpened my pitchfork and have lit a torch, though it's not an official Olympic one, just a metaphorical one.)

Anyway, Friends, I'll keep knitting away. I'll probably still watch the Olympics on television, but every time I hear some blather about the "Olympic Spirit," I'll be reminded that the whole movement has been taken over by money-grubbing jerks. Way to make looking at chiseled, nearly-naked swimmers less fun, USOC.

Until next time, Y'all.

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