Monday, August 6, 2012

Knitting on a Deadline

Well, State Fair time is just about upon us, which means that I am knitting feverishly in order to make the submission deadline this Sunday. I have signed up to enter 5 items in the Fair, 3 of which are done. And by done I mean I've finished the knitting, but I still need to wash and block those items. The other two are not so done: I've got about 3.5" of foot left to knit on my socks, and my felted purse needs all its bits (zipper, handle, flowers) sewn on. I'm sure I can make the deadline for the sock, the purse I'm not so sure about.

Anyway, I also finished the Lilleput cardigan, including sewing on the embroidered patch. The pattern came with drawings for a dog, cat, or fish patch, but I decided that since I live in Kentucky (Louisville, no less!), I really needed to do a horse patch for this sweater. Once I worked out the approximate size I wanted, I looked around the internet for photos of smiling horses, then I sketched a design onto graph paper. Once I had a drawing I was happy with, I stitched the design onto some linen I had leftover from a sewing project and attached the patch to the cardigan. The whole time I was stitching it, I was cracking myself up because it was so goofy looking. I hope it does well at the Fair, but you never know. It's pretty darned cute, even if it doesn't get a ribbon.

Once I have everything ready for the Fair, I expect I will post it here. Until then, Friends.

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