Friday, March 22, 2013

It's about time I knit something for myself.

Looking over my Ravelry projects page tonight, I saw that it's been more than 6 months since I've really knit anything for myself. I know that I recently made myself that Walnut Snood (6 days) and the Elis Cowl (2 days), but the last project that I made for myself that took a significant amount of time was my Zori Cardigan, which I finished in the middle of last September. Since then, I've knit 6 pairs of socks, 3 hats, and 15 stuffed owls, all for other people. Mind you, I'm not complaining (too much), because I love all the people I've knit for. It's the knitting on a deadline that has finally worn me out, especially since I did it to myself, and I'm the dummy who imposed those deadlines on myself.

Anyway, I finished the Tea Time socks yesterday! I promptly took photos during the beautiful sunny interlude we had between all the grey skies we've had here in Louisville lately. I'm really pleased with how these socks came out, and I'm especially pleased with how quickly they knit up. Sixteen days! I'm sure it's because the pattern was easy to memorize and there wasn't any lace or any right/left chart business to deal with on these guys. The yarn is lovely, and I can't say enough about gorgeous the color is. As I was finishing these up, I was wishing I could keep them for myself. Ah, well! Maybe the next pair, which probably won't be too soon, as I'm feeling like I'd like a project on big needles for a little while.

Which brings me to Amaya, a sweater from Rowan's Bamboo Tape Collection that came out in 2007. I'm using the yarn I reclaimed from a cardigan I made years ago that no longer fits. I'm pretty excited about it because it's going to be miles and miles of stockinette stitch on size 8 needles. These needles are roughly two and a half times bigger around than the size 0 needles I used on the Tea Time socks. They feel huge in my hands! The stitches practically knit themselves! I'm even looking forward to having seams to sew. It might sound crazy, but I'm kind of excited about having to look up how to do mattress stitch. I might not be singing this same song after I've done it, but for now: yay!

That's all I have for tonight, Friends. Until next time.

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