Friday, April 5, 2013

Zipping right along

My Amaya sweater is really moving fast, mostly because it's stockinette stitch on size 8 needles, with minimal shaping. It's been a fast knit, so much so that I've already finished the front and the back. Why, as recently as Tuesday, I was halfway through the front and even though I left it at the office overnight Wednesday, I was able to complete the neck and shoulders last night. I'm saving the seams for Sunday, since that will be my next day off, and once that job's finished, I'll be able to finish the collar. After it gets a wash and a dry, I'll have a nice, new, Spring sweater - just in time for the comfortable weather we're finally starting to see.

Since I didn't have anything else on the needles Wednesday evening, in my desolation I decided (with a little prodding from a friend on the Facebook) to cast on Kirsten Kapur's Portico shawl. Mostly I chose it because it called for a mere 400 yards of laceweight that I could knit on size 6 needles from a skein of Jade Sapphire cashmere that's been in my stash since the Knit Nook closed. Decision made, I whipped through the first set of instructions before I went to bed.

The yarn I'm using is 100% cashmere, completely soft and very fuzzy, but different from the 55/45 silk/cashmere that the pattern calls for. I expect that my shawl will end up with a lovely halo, but without the nice smoothness and drape that the silk blend yarn will give. If I can finish it fairly quickly, I think it will be a light, airy layer to wear on the chilly mornings and evenings we'll have for a few more weeks. Otherwise, I'll likely have to wait until fall to wear it.

Well, that's all I have for tonight. Until next time, Friends.


  1. Love the shade of blue you are using for the sweater! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
    I have to ask: are the photos of the cashmere yarn stock photos--are did you take those yourself? Wish our trees were even remotely close to flowering here.

  2. I took the photos of the cashmere Thursday afternoon - I have to admit that I'm very pleased with how they came out. I'm also pretty sure that I got a few strange looks from people walking along Market Street as I was taking pictures of the yarn cake I'd stuck in the tree! I like using the macro setting on my dinky little camera for close-ups like this. Someday I hope to have a better camera and the chance to take a couple photo classes so I can get better at this.