Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm (kinda) new here.

So, for a while now, I've thought about blogging. I haven't been thinking especially hard about it - it's just something that has occasionally popped into my head. I've been pretty active on Ravelry and Facebook for some time, but neither of those places is my blog and is not really the forum for longer strings of words and groups of photos. So we'll see how I do at this. And if there's even a "we" in this thing. Maybe my husband will read it once in awhile.

I've already completed two knitting projects this year! Three weeks in, even! Granted, the second thing was a really simple cowl that I improvised, but still. Two things.

The first thing I finished was a pair of socks: Sockstravanganza, by Kirsten Kapur from the Brave New Knits book. It was a fun project, knit from Cascade Heritage, with plenty of technique to keep them interesting. The cuffs had a lovely stranded fleur-de-lis pattern and the leg & top of foot had two kinds of cabling. Had I read the pattern a little more closely, I would have noticed that the back of the leg was supposed to have been done as a 2x2 rib. But I couldn't be bothered, so it has cabling on the front & back. I did, at least, know to do the sole of the foot in stockinette.

I've started my third project of the year, Scent of Lavender, by Stephanie van der Linden in Around the World in Knitted Socks. It's a beautiful lace sock pattern, which I'm knitting out of Black Trillium Fibre Studio's Merilon sock yarn in the Lilac Mist colorway. It's hand painted, I think, and just gorgeous. It might be a little busy for the lace pattern, but as soon as I saw it in the store, I knew this was its destiny. It's very pretty. I've got half of a chart repeat until I can turn the heel.

So, there's the start. It remains to be seen how well I'll keep up. Let's keep our expectations low, alright?

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