Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crafting together is better than crafting alone

Today I had a few friends over for a crafting day. We usually see each other at our LYS (Local Yarn Shop), where we're almost exclusively knitting (and sometimes a crocheter sneaks in). But Suzanne & Holly wanted to sew aprons for their daughters and Jan needed to felt some things, so we all met up at my house to drink beer, eat brie and maybe maybe make some stuff.

That's Suzanne, using one of Holly's daughter's dresses to decide what size to make the apron. There are all kinds sewing supplies on that table, not the least of which is that awesome BBC Dark Star Porter. It fueled the whole day.

There's Holly, sewing away. The apron was so cute. I really should have taken a picture of it before everyone went home. Maybe I can get a shot of the finished apron at our next Craft Day?

And, finally, there's Jan, working on a garter stitch polar fleece scarf after starting the washer to felt some slippers. Note the spiffy granny square afghan, made by my husband's grandmother. I think it makes a nice addition to the plaid sleeper sofa & 1970's-era paneling in our basement. It's made from acrylic yarn, which Grandma probably purchased in the Seventies. That might have been the last time those colors were in style. I hope they'll make their comback soon, at which time I'll be ahead of the curve!

In knitting news, I have completed Scent of Lavender. It looks like my mom is going to get these socks, and give back the Herringbone from Kiel socks I made her for Christmas. (She's not ungrateful, it's just that I made them too long for her dainty little feet. They'll fit my gargantuan feet just fine.) The Lavender socks turned out beautifully: the lace patterning is delicate without being prissy and the variegated color of the yarn added interest and depth to the pattern. It almost feels like I'm in the south of France when I look at this pic.

Since I've completed those socks, I've started another pair: Milo, by CookieA from Sock Innovation. These are for my husband, who currently only has one pair of handknitted socks, which he will soon wear out. It seems that no sooner than I wash them, he's asking whether they're dry and if he has permission to wear them again. Getting a second pair into rotation should give me a little breathing space in the handwashing department. Who knew he'd like his socks so well?

The new socks are being knit from Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in the "Wild Horse" colorway. It's mostly dark blue, with some hunter green, cobalt & purple thrown in for interest. This is the second time I've worked with this yarn and I can't say enough about how much I love it! The colors move beautifully through the fabric without pooling or flashing. Just lovely variegation throughout. The pattern is challenging without being too difficult, but doing them two at a time & knitting from both ends of the ball might just up the degree of difficulty. I've made quite a few of the patterns from the book so far, and every last one of them has been challenging & interesting. My Bex socks got third place at the Kentucky State Fair last year! (They were up against some stiff competition: a pair of very cute child's kilt socks and a pair of stranded colorwork socks knit from Wollmeise. Better luck next time, I guess.)

Well, that's about all for this time. Next time I'll have a progress update on the Milo socks and maybe another project on the needles as well. See you then.

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