Friday, September 23, 2011

Holy crap! More finished stuff!

Can it really be two Fridays in a row that I have finished objects to show? I'm finding it pretty hard to believe, myself, but so it is! I don't expect there to be a third consecutive FO Friday, because my exam is next weekend, but I expect I might make some progress on some of  my remaining WIPs.

It's such a nice feeling to finish a project. And I mean really finish it, including sewing on the buttons and weaving in the ends. I've been presenting my Cascade baby cardigan as though it were finished, but it wasn't, really, since I still had the buttons to sew on. But I completed that task the other night, and then I photographed it today! It makes all the difference to have buttons. You can almost imagine a new human, with their awesome new-human smell, wearing it!

I've also finished the Ribbed baby jacket for another expectant mother, this one who is having a boy. The sweater has been washed and blocked, as well as having its button sewn on. It's ready to be shipped, hopefully in time for his arrival. As I understand it, the baby shower is tomorrow, so I'm definitely going to miss that, but I think better late than never on this gift.

My third finished object this week is my Punctuated Rib socks. It was nice to have a fairly easy pattern to memorize - I think the reason I was so ready for easy knitting was the complexity of the intarsia-in-the-round socks that I had been working on before these. Anyway, they're done, and not nearly as garish as I worried they might be. See, there's a metallic thread running through the plies. There's also an especially strong section of chartreuse which looks really bright on the ball, but adds a nice punch of brightness to what might otherwise have been a pretty dark sock.

The nice thing about knitting these socks on the bus was that young people (Wow, that makes me sound old!) seemed to show a lot of interest in them and in the fact that the things I was knitting actually looked like socks. I think the idea that socks are made (rather than just magically appearing in stores when you go to buy them) kind of blew their little minds. One boy, who must have been about ten or eleven years old, seemed hypnotized by the needles and a little concerned at how eccentric the socks were coming out. He perked up when I joked that I would probably only wear the socks at home because they were so loud. After that he looked relieved that I'd acknowledged that they were a little tacky, so he wouldn't have to hurt my feelings by telling me. His dad, on the other hand, seemed a little envious about how warm those socks are going to be this winter. I almost gave them to him right then, but they were definitely too small, and, you know, not finished. Oh, well.

That's all I have for tonight, I think. Next time, I may have some progress to report on the intarsia socks as well as the Schmidt vest. I will have my nose to the grindstone this weekend with last minute test preparation, but I hope to get in at least one post. Until then, friends.

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