Sunday, April 10, 2011

In which I go on and on about my front porch.

I love that my house a covered front porch. I love that it goes the full width of the house. I love that it has brick corner columns. One of my favorite things about it is that it's a great place to watch a storm. The only thing I didn't like about it was that we didn't really have a good place to sit out there.

It had a swing, right up until about two weeks or so before we moved in. You see, that's when a few friends helped us move the piano out of the dining room to it's new home somewhere else. When the guys got back, we served up some brats & beer and retired to the front porch. M was already sitting on the swing when E joined him. He might have gotten in one swing when he went completely ass over teakettle as the "s" hook in the ceiling failed. It was well undersized for two adult men to sit there at the same time. Poor E - I think his backside was sore for a while afterward and since then time we haven't had a porch swing.

We haven't yet replaced the swing, but this weekend, I scored something even better: a steel glider & matching chair. These guys are old-school and serious as hell: stamped steel, post-WWII, made by the Bunting Company of Philadelphia, PA. They're not in the best condition, but a little elbow grease and some paint will make them the envy of the neighborhood.

I had been looking around on the interwebs for a glider for some time, but with no success. Most of the sets I found were contemporary interpretations of the mid-century classics I really wanted. They were made of cheap aluminum, with boring clamshell backs and no personality. They were also pretty flimsy-looking too. I very nearly purchased a set from Sears, but didn't, only because I couldn't pick them up at the store. (Pay shipping? That's crazy talk!)

Anyway, I found the real deal the other afternoon while I was driving home. I happened to be going past a resale shop and damned near drove off the road craning my neck to look at them. I went around the block and pulled in to see them up close. They were $75! For the pair! After checking with the husbeast, I zipped in to pay the man. Now they're mine! I haven't yet decided what the new paint colors will be, but you can be sure I'll post when I've done it.

Until next time, then. If you think of it, come out from lurking and comment, would ya?


  1. Gotta come out of hiding for this post! (Also, you made me feel guilty with the lurking comment at the end). I love those so much! Are you thinking white or a pale yellow? Or maybe going crazy and painting them a bright ass red? Or just repainting the original color (though what's the fun in that?)

  2. Yay, guilt!

    Right now, I'm thinking I'll do a 3-color treatment: a yellowish olive green around the border/armrests, lemon yellow for the fans and a navyish blue for the curves opposite the fans. I'll use white for the windowpanes, but that doesn't count as a color, right?