Monday, April 4, 2011

Perseverance: I hyes it.

Imagine that you read the title of this post with a Russian accent. (Is good, da?) My husband loves that Direct TV ad with the Russian robber baron and the little bitty giraffe. I like it pretty well, too, but not in the laugh-every-time-he-sees-it way that he does. We must not be the only ones who like that ad, as there's a whole website for the farm that breeds these giraffes. I love the faking of the English, with phrases like, "Be clicking to view" and  "Otherwise they make tears." Is epyic win.

As for the perseverance bit, you might remember that I had to rip out about 6300 stitches from Vesper and start all over. I am pleased to report that I have finally gotten it to the point that I could divide for the sleeves. I am so glad. For the last few days, it's been a real slog to get to this point. This morning I "basted" in the box pleats (with locking stitch markers) around the neckline and decided that it's going to be too big, so I'll adjust the number of stitches for each pleat.

The frustrating part was that it took until the end of the fifth ball of yarn to get to divide for the sleeves. The pattern calls for eight total for the whole project. I'm getting a little worried about whether I'll have enough yarn. Maybe I'll grab a couple more at the yarn shop tomorrow after work. Because I'm a nerd, I estimated that each ball is about 6000 stitches, so I have knit 30,000 stitches so far and there are 18,000 stitches to go before I run out. This is what I think about with this much stockinette in the round.

Alright, that's all I've got for today. Until nyext time, friends.

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