Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally, a little success.

It's about damn time. I finished the Veronica sweater during the week, so glad! I'm mostly happy with the fit, except for the sleeves. I really should have trusted the measurement I took for the sleeve length, rather than thinking that the shortest length on the pattern would do just as well. Turns out the sleeves are about an inch too long. I won't be taking it apart to redo it, I'll just push them up, like I do with the rest of my clothes. I had hoped it would stay cool enough to wear it for a few more weeks, but I may have been about a week late. Spring has arrived, and it's felt damned near like summer once or twice. The thermometer in the car read 77 degrees at 1:00pm today.

I've also finished the Lotus socks, though I haven't gotten around to washing & blocking them. They must be the brightest pink ever dyed, but I love the yarn and need to get more, so I can make myself lots of spring & summer socks. The fabric that this yarn knits into is so soft! It's just lovely. I only wish there were more colors available at my LYS, but I can make do with what's there.

Since completing those two projects, I've cast on for a new spring sweater, Vesper, by Heidi Kirrmeier. It's a cute little short-sleeved, scoop-necked DK-weight sweater, which I'm making from Rowan's Purelife Revive. The yarn is made from recycled silk, cotton and viscose and feels a little stiff, but I think it will soften up nicely once it's washed. The swatches came out nicely, but I did them in a different color, so I hope the sweater comes out as well.

I had a little trouble with it last week - turns out I put a full twist into the round. I don't think I did it when I joined it, but on the second round. There were 432 stitches cast on, which is a helluva lot to keep untwisted. I was so disgusted! If I hadn't been at knit night, with lots of people around, I might have bellowed many more curses than the few I actually muttered. I might have been a little overconfident with the first cast on, but you can be sure I was much more careful the second time. It was not fun ripping out so much work (I estimated about 6300 million bajillion stitches).

Since the weather has been so nice, I've taken to walking home from the yarn shop, rather than riding the bus. On Saturday, I was passing St. James parish and admiring the beautiful details on the exterior of the building, so I took a bunch of pictures. I hadn't really paid that much attention to it, other than thinking that I should take a closer look at it sometime, since it's so pretty. I suspect a lot of the ornament has been painted over many times since the church was built, but I think the places where it's chipped add character. Anyway, I'm posting the pics and wrapping up, as I am packing for a work-related trip and have much to do before I sleep. I hope to post while I'm there, but I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have. Until next time.


  1. holy crap you have skillZ with a capital "z"! Very impressive.

  2. Thanks! I have lots of time to knit on the bus on the way to work.