Monday, March 14, 2011

It's almost spring!

And I'm taking pictures in a graveyard. It rained all day today, but yesterday and Saturday were sunny and dry. I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather, so I went out to do week one of Couch to 5K training. I even did the "running" part, which was really only brief fits of jogging between longer bits of brisk walking. It's been a couple years since I've bothered to work out on a regular basis, but I'm beginning to feel like I'm ready to get back in the groove of it. There was a time when I even completed a 5K and a couple sprint triathlons, but that's been awhile.

So I put on my spiffy new running shoes, grabbed the mp3 player, and headed out the door for some actual exercise in the outdoors. I went up the street and around the corner to St. Michael's cemetery, where I figured there wouldn't be many other people to see my re-entry to athletic endeavor. I had Podrunner's intervals workout going, which has me work out to techno music - I use the beats per minute of the music to set my pace. I am proud to say I completed the whole workout without cheating. I actually ran (if you can call it that) during the running pace. I went along the perimeter of the cemetery, which gave me a view of lots of very old markers and some that are less old, as well as seeing Beargrass Creek and some of the downtown skyline.

After my workout, I turned on the camera to get some photos of the old markers, many of which were in German, rather than English. Some of the oldest dates I was able to make out were from about 1869 or so. Some were so weathered that the names and dates were illegible. Some had lichen on them, also making them difficult to read. Some were very ornate, some very simple. I took as many pictures as I could before my camera let me know that it was out of memory. Yep, I'd left the memory card at home, so I could only take as many photos as the camera would hold. I guess I'll have to make my way back on another sunny day. It'll have to be on one of my days off, as the gates close at 5:00.

In knitting, I have completed the Veronica sweater, and I love how it fits! I still have to weave in the ends and block it, so no pictures yet. The sleeves are just about right, but I probably could have shortened them by a couple rows. I have also started a new sweater, Vesper, which will be knit from Rowan Purelife Revive in a pretty purple that the manufacturer calls Ironstone. Whatever, it's purple. I only cast on yesterday afternoon after I got back from exercising, so I've only completed the cast on and two rounds. I think that's quite a feat, as it's 432 stitches provisionally cast on. Did I mention that it's on US5 needles? (For those of you reading this who don't knit, that's kind of small. Not as small as the needles for socks, but small nonetheless.) I'm nearly finished with the Lotus socks (didn't I say that last time?), with just the toes left to do. I haven't touched them in a few days. I think that's a sign that I need to hurry up and finish them, so I can start some new ones.

Well, that's it for now. Next time, I hope to be able to post that the Lotus socks are finished and show pictures of the completed Veronica. See you then.

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