Wednesday, March 2, 2011


So, I meant to post on Monday night, so it wouldn't be too long between posts. But my husband & I spent the day painting the living room. It was frustrating in a couple ways. With my bad back, the cutting in along the baseboards was really uncomfortable. And the worst thing was that at what we thought was the end of the job, we noticed that the second can of paint was lighter than the first. This means we'll have to combine the second & third cans, mix them well, and do a whole 'nother coat w/cut in. Grrrrrr. (I have no photos because I never remember to do it until all the natural light is gone.)

I've also felt a little frustrated by the Lotus socks. It turns out that the chart wasn't centered over the heel. It was 12 stitches to the right, which forced me to shift both socks on the one long circular I was using to knit them two-at-a-time. Frustrating. And annoying. It forced me to make an adjustment that I'd rather not have had to do. I had been planning to enter these socks in the State Fair this summer, but I think I'll have to knit a new pair before I can feel good about submitting them for judgment. I also had trouble getting a non-blurred photo of them, but here's one I think looks alright:
I haven't had as much frustration with the Veronica sweater. As a matter of fact, it's actually gone very quickly. The back was all stockinette, with a little 3x3 rib at the bottom. I've started the front, which has an 8x8 cable at the lower left, which wasn't frustrating so much as tricky. Holding 8 stitches, then knitting 8, then knitting the held stitches gets a little tight, but nothing to make me cranky. Here's a close-up of the cable:
I'm knitting this sweater from Aslan Trend's Artesanal. It's a cotton/alpaca/nylon blend, which I thought would make a nice spring sweater. I hope I can complete the sweater while the days are still cool enough to wear it. The weather changes so quickly here that it seems like as soon as the weather gets to be comfortable for a few days, it becomes summer & sweltering. I'm glad I bought the yarn when I did - the owner of my LYS snagged the rest of it for a sweater for herself.
Well, I think that's all the whining I can do for the night. Y'all will just have to wait 'til next time to get any more.

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