Friday, June 24, 2011

An American Ruin

I've probably mentioned once or twice that I work for a non-profit affordable housing builder. Our construction offices are located in the Portland neighborhood in Louisville, which has a lot of late-19th century buildings, some of which have been well-maintained, and others not so much. Just south of the Portland neighborhood is the Russell neighborhood, which has plenty of old buildings too. One that I see on a regular basis is the old Ouerbacker house, which was the home of a coffee merchant and is now in an advanced state of decay.

I think it would make a lovely B&B, if only the preservation group which owns it could raise the funds to restore it. They could renovate the carriage house as a residence - it's surely as big as the house I live in. Anyway, I don't have much information on the house, but I took lots of pictures, which you can view without commentary from me. I love old buildings and I hope this one can be saved.


  1. That is so sad--it must hae been magnificent in its prime. I do hope the money can be found for restoration.

    And thanks for your kind words about my Jaali!

  2. Nice. Too bad it's falling down.

  3. Wow--amazing pictures! Great detail. I wish I could have a house like that--even if we could only live in part of it while fixing the rest. You show pics of clubs and hearts . . . are there spades and diamonds in that tile work too? Hope the preservationist group comes through. If they need marketing help, you know who to refer them to! :) Again--great blog

  4. Carrie - They're actually fleurs de lis all over the place, repeated in the gable pediment. If I thought it was safe to go inside, I bet there I'd find plenty throughout the interior of the house. I think I'm going to go back and get some pencil rubbings of those tiles. I wonder if they sold reproductions of the tile, could they raise some money?