Monday, February 21, 2011

Ghost of Projects Past

So yesterday was another craft day with the girls. I didn't take any pictures, because I was too busy drinking wine and finding more chairs. There were a lot more people over than last time: 9 or ten of us, I think. It was nice to have our house so full! Thanks Whitney, Molly, Kristin, Heather, Cindy, T, Amy, Jan & Suzanne for making it so much fun!

The night before Bill & I were cleaning up the house, getting the place ready for everyone. While he did the kitchen, I did the craft room, as Cindy & Kristin were planning on doing a little sewing. As I was putting away the random ball of yarn & unused knitting needles, I came across some needlepoint projects that were close to finished.
It must've been 2007 when I had a work-related conference in New Orleans. Somehow, I managed to get a single room, so Bill came along. During the days, I went to my workshops & Bill explored the French Quarter (his travelogue is here). At the end of the day, he took me to the most interesting places, one of which was little yarn & needlepoint shop (the Quarter Stitch, which seems not to have a website). For reasons that are now lost to time, I didn't get sucked in by all the knitting yarn. I think it was something to do with all the needlepoint canvases covering the walls. After a lap or two around the shop, I decided to get this canvas, which very simply expressed all there was to say about New Orleans post-Katrina. I don't know if my purchasing this canvas & the yarn to stitch it up with made any difference, buy I hope it helped the shop a little. I remember wishing I had more money to spend while we were there, because the city needed it so. From bellhops to cabdrivers to bartenders, everyone we met expressed their appreciation that we had come and to invite our friends. I want to go back.

I also found a couple of other needlepoint projects, in differing degrees of completion. It seems like ages ago when Bill & I began dating, though it was only 13 years. I'm not sure when we started taking our summer vacations at his family's lake cottage, but one year I found a little needlepoint shop in Traverse City, which has been gone for some time now. They had some cute little canvases of old-school swimwear, two of which I bought.
I'm pretty pleased with this little swimsuit. I like the sparkly thread I used for the suit, the variegated yarn for the background and the novelty stitches I used for the flowers on the suit. I even like the little border around the stitching. It still needs to be blocked and mounted for framing, but I'm definitely happy with it.
It's a different story with this cap. I like the hat itself, and the flowers I did. What I'm unhappy about is the background. I ran out of thread for the background and only just got around to buying some more. Sadly, it's not quite right, so I'll have to pull it out (which will be tedious) and re-stitch it (which won't be so bad). It will also need a border, and I haven't confirmed if I have enough floss in the original colors to complete it. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

So, there it is, a few zombie projects that need some attention. I would like to finish them. Maybe my trip to Atlanta next month will be just about right for some stitching - depends on how tightly we're packed into that van. I'm sure I'll have plenty of time on the road to get a few things done, especially as others are doing the driving. Whee!

Until next time, then.

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