Monday, February 14, 2011

So much to love!

So, it's Valentine's Day and I have lots of love in my life: my dear, sweet Husbeast, my Mom, my friends & family all over the place. A cat who loves snuggles & chin skritches. I have a fulfilling career and  hobbies to nurture. I am grateful. I hope for everyone today that they're with someone they love or doing something they love.  My love and I have been married nearly 7 years now, and every day I love him more. Cynic that I am, I'm glad I get to be a cynic with him. Here we are, the night before our wedding. We had a duckpin bowling party, instead of a rehearsal dinner, so that's why the matching shirts. 'Cause we're a team! Yay, team!

My plans for today involve taking the cat to the vet for his annual shots. I meant to do it last week, but, really, when you get right down to it, what's a better way to show your pet you love it than to ensure its vaccinations are up-to-date? (Louie would say tuna in gravy would be a better way to say it, but he doesn't speak English, so he'll just have to suck it up. He's going to be in a sulk for the rest of the day, anyway.)

I also plan to do a little knitting today, in between loads of laundry & grocery shopping. Yesterday, Husbeast & I went to Indianapolis to meet up with a friend of his from high school. On the way, we stopped at the outlet mall in Edinburgh, where I bought some jeans and running pants. Then we went on a trek to check out the local yarn shops. I already knew that Broad Ripple Knits wasn't open on Sundays, but I didn't check the store hours for Knit Stop. We found out when we got there that they don't have Sunday hours. We eventually ended up at Mass Avenue Knits, in the Fountain Square neighborhood, about half an hour before they closed.

It was a really big space, with a lot of yarn all over the place. I couldn't really figure out the organizing principle for the shop, but it seemed that woolly-type yarns were along one side, that there was a little section for baby-type things, another for sock-related things and areas for non-wool things, bags, buttons. There was a longish table where a few people were knitting, strewn with ephemera, completely chaotic. I think if I were a regular at that shop, I might have gotten used to it, but my rigid little brain, which likes organizing & categorizing things, really had difficulty focusing on the yarn. I wanted to straighten & clean the place from top to bottom! I think I saw a lot of Malabrigo, Cascade & Plymouth yarns. There was a lot of everything. I ended up with just one little skein of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, which will eventually become a well-loved pair of socks for me.

We still had some time to kill before we had to be in Greenwood for dinner, so we went to Broad Ripple to see if there was anything interesting there. It's been more than 15 years since I lived there and while many things about the neighborhood have changed, there wasn't anything I was willing to get out of the car for. Husbeast found a record store to investigate, so he went in while I stayed in the car, knitting away on the Milo socks. With all the driving we did yesterday, I must have completed about 3 inches of it! I got through the gusset shaping and now I just have to get enough length on the foot to fit the Husbeast.

Before dinner, we found a bookstore, where I got Wild Color, a book about natural dyes & dyeing techniques. I have been thinking about trying to dye my own fiber, so this book will be a good start. It appears to be comprehensive and authoritative, so I'm looking forward to it. Maybe a little indigo will end up in our garden this year.

After dinner in Greenwood, we headed for home, arriving well after dark to a hungry, lonely cat. It was nice day. The Husbeast was a great sport for doing all that driving. What a great valentine!

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  1. Aww, luv you too, sweetie . . . think you could have found a worse picture of me?